How many times do we come across this scenario?

Under the broad day light while rubbing those half slept eyes, being beamed with the fact that we were late, consequently for the 28th time this month! (aha! Yes I am talking about the peak day of a modest February). The whole new-year resolution Fever being long worn off and we get all  stuck again  with the same old time-table…..same old anxiety of being 25 yet not landing up with a solid Job! Scattered personal life and oh so intermittently flabby abs at all irregular places…..putting the whole body structure question into a much bigger question!

Now the above paragraph serves as a tiny prologue to what I exactly wish to convey.Like everyone else I have been through this vividly detailed phase of changes from last couple of months that brings me to this day or to be precise; a phase that carves this set of mind which is crafting this piece. Well, each one of us is blasted with this same phenomenon at some stage of our lives, I consider to have encountered it at some relatively medieval point of my life where I am already questioning my existing pitch points… the grace of which I stand at the evolutionary phase. It may be so for many of you.

RETROSCRIPTION was born with a point to vent out my thought process in and as short stories, poems and Quotes. But now this journey has taken it’s course to a much matured and significant purpose.

Cutting down the regular drill!!!! With utmost respect to life, at retroscription I would be now curating this whole new Blog journey dedicated to Life improvement, Habit and living ; and some motivation, in bits and pieces that would wire across this whole bundle of writing and thinking……. to be in constant touch of light and worthy living.